How It Works!



1. We provide a fundraising packet for each member which includes a picture
    catalog, order form, and envelope.

2.   Your organization sells the socks for 3 weeks.

3.  They collect the money as they take the orders. All checks are made PAYABLE


4. At the end of the 3 weeks each order should be counted and tallied to make sure
    the order is correct. You count the money and instantly keep 50% of the money. We do not handle any funds other than the 50% that  is due to us. Please make a copy of your orders before turning them in. We will return the order form back in
    your order.

5. Turn in the order individual order forms, master order form, and 50% due and we
    will then process your order.



For Schools and other organizations we can offer a customized sock with your school logo and mascot to increase your sales!!! We will give you more details.

We will offer continual support throughout the process as needed to ensure that you have the tools, information, and advice you need to be successful!

Also, you can download forms and additional information that you may need for your fundraising project.