1) How long should I do the fundraiser?

3 weeks is a good period of time. When fundraising, you must be sure that your time frame for selling is not too long nor too short. Establish your start and stop date and go for it with high energy and high expectations. 

2) What if I run out of order forms?

You can download additional forms and letters online. Just click the "Download Forms" tab.

3) Can you create a customized sock design to include in our fundraising project?

Right now, we do offer 1 customized sock design which may include your organization logo and mascot. This is mostly offered to schools or organizations that can guarantee at least a minimum order of 30 pairs of socks.

4) What is the difference between the adult socks and the youth socks?

The adult socks fits sizes 5-13 and the youth socks fits sizes 1-4. The youth socks are slightly thinner than the adult socks. All socks are printed on both sides and are a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex.

5) Will the color on the socks fade?

Jot Sox are high quality dye sublimation printed socks that last a very long time. Many of our customers have been wearing them well over a year and come back for more still wearing the socks they have bought. The colors wear with the cloth of the socks themselves because they are dyed into the fabric. Socks are washed with regular colored clothes. Instructions on care are provided on the labels of each pair of socks.

6) Can I order directly online and have the socks shipped?

No. At this time, we are focusing on fundraising groups and programs in our communities. Direct sales may be offered in the future. 

7) Can we request special packaging instructions?

Sure! We can group orders by teacher/group leader and have them individually packaged per fundraiser participant along with a copy of the order form. 

8) What if there is a problem with the order?

Just contact us immediately, and we will do everything to ensure that the problem is fixed ASAP.

9) How do I let you know that we are interested in doing the fundraiser?

Just click the "Contact Us" tab to the right of the screen and fill out the information. Include when you plan on starting your fundraiser. We will contact you and discuss all of your options and strategies to make your fundraiser a great success!