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Jotzees Fundraisers was created to help those who really want to make a difference in their community. Many times it is hard to reach the goals you desire if the funds are limited.

Jotzees Fundraisers created Jot Sox because we realized that people doing fundraisers were getting tired of selling products that they don't even like themselves. So, after noticing how much youth (and the young at heart) love printed, crazy, "funky" socks, we decided to offer this to everyone!

Jotzees Fundraisers was started by a teacher who has been doing fundraising projects since a kid in middle school working with the Special Olympics and church youth groups. With this first hand experience, he has definitely learned the "ins" and "outs" of fundraising and enjoys seeing people reach their goals to make their communities and schools a better place.

We realize the stress level in fundraising, but we are here to help you achieve your goals. If you are still not sure, We dare you to at least show the catalog to your students or youth and watch their eyes light up and their enthusiasm level increase. This is what you will need in any fundraiser for it to be successful!

Again, Thank you so much for choosing Jotzees Fundraisers for your fundraising project.



Jotzees Fundraisers